Prominent Themes in the Scriptures – Part 11

Prominent Themes in the Scriptures

Part 11

Although there are hundreds of topics in the Bible, the vast majority of them can fit under the umbrella of five reoccurring themes Adapted From John MacArthur’s Bible Handbook

The character of God

Above all else, Scripture is God’s self revelation. He reveals Himself as the Sovereign God of the universe who has chosen to make man and make Himself known to man. In His self revelation, He establishes His standard of absolute holiness.

The judgment for sin and disobedience

Scripture repeatedly deals with the matter of sin, which leads to divine judgment. Account after account in Scripture demonstrates the deadly effects in time and eternity of violating God’s standard.

Of all the chapters in the Bible, only four do not deal with the fallen world: the first two and the last two. Before the fall and after the creation of the new heaven and new earth. Everything in between deals with the tragedy of sin.

The blessing for faith and obedience

Scripture repeatedly promises wonderful rewards that come to people who trust God by coming to Him on His terms and that seek to obey Him. God’s standard for man, His will and His moral law were always made known by God. God will mercifully forgive anyone who recognizes their inability to please Him by their own efforts when they repent of their sin and fully trust that which the Messiah did on their behalf.

The Savior and sacrifice for sin

This is at the very core in every book in the Bible. Jesus illustrated how the Law, the Prophets and the Psalms spoke of Him. Because of God’s holiness, our sins needs to be paid for. It is through the substitutionary death of the Lord Jesus that satisfaction has been made.

When any sinner comes to God, repentant and convinced that he has no power to save himself and calls upon Him for salvation, God will graciously forgive them and give them eternal life.

The coming kingdom and glory

The Bible clearly promises a kingdom with a King. The King is the Lord Jesus. He will rule and reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. At this time God will be receiving all of the glory that He justly deserves. Every knee will bow declaring Jesus the Lord to the glory of God the Father. God’s program as we have it revealed in

Scripture will have been totally fulfilled just as He promised.