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Am I Going to Heaven?

A Five Minute Crash Course

A Five Minute
Crash Course   PHOTO
Quick Tips and Techniques
For Witnessing To Your Jewish Friends
1. Terminology – Certain words that are used while witnessing can be unnecessarily offensive and cause walls to go up.  Using the right words can make a big difference.
A. Say “Believer” instead of “Christian.”   To the average Jewish person, all Gentiles are “Christians”.  So they believe that much of their persecution has come from believers.  They need to know that  true believers are unique.
B. Say “Messiah” instead of “Christ.”  They mean the same thing, but “Messiah” is much less offensive.  For centuries, Jewish people have been persecuted in the name of Christ.
C. Say “Return” instead of “Convert.”   Conversion is one of the things most feared by Jewish people.  The word “conversion” gives the impression that a Jewish person would no longer be Jewish if they were to become a believer.  The word “return” expresses the reality of what really happens to a Jewish person who comes to faith in the God of Abraham as fulfilled in Jesus the Messiah.
2. Stumbling Blocks – There are several difficulties that Jewish people face when they are challenged to become a follower of Jesus as the Messiah.
Fear – One of the most common hindrances is that of fear.  There’s a real concern of how others will react if it becomes known that they believe in Jesus.  There is even a fear if people find out they are interested in Jesus as Messiah.  This was also true during the earthly ministry of Jesus, John 19:38, John 9:21-22, John. 7:12-13.  If they don’t tell you this themselves, you can be sure they are thinking about what others will think.
Misunderstandings  – One major area of confusion revolves around remaining Jewish, after one becomes a believer.  Most Jewish people believe they would no longer be Jewish if they would believe in Jesus as Messiah.  This is what they’ve been told, and they believe it, even though the Bible teaches the exact opposite.  See Rom. 9:3-4, Rom. 11:1, II Cor. 11:22.  These verses speak of Paul after he became a believer.  It’s very important to show them that one can be Jewish and believe in Jesus.
Another major misconception is, they believe that all Gentiles are Christians.  Hitler and all the others who still persecute the Jewish people are not Christians, but Gentiles.  The Bible talks of three groups of people; Jews, Gentiles and Christians (true believers).
3. Messianic Prophecy
Micah 5:2 —— Matt. 2:1-6
Isa. 7:14 ——– Matt. 1:18-25
Zech. 9:9 ——- Matt. 21:1-11
Ps. 34:20 ——  John 19:31-36
Isa. 50:6 ——-  Matt. 26:67
Ps. 41:9 ——– John 13:18-19
Isa. 53:7 ——- Matt. 27:12-14
Zech. 11:12 — Matt. 26:14-15
Ps. 69:21 —— Matt. 27:34
Ps. 22:16 —— Matt. 27:35
Ps. 22:18 —— Matt. 27:35
Ps. 16:10 —— Acts 2:31
4. The Romans Road As Found In The Old Testament
Many Jewish people will not listen to anything in the New Testament.  We need to be prepared and know how to proclaim the Gospel by using only the Old Testament.
All Have Sinned  Rom. 3:23 – O.T. Eccl. 7:20, Ps. 14:3, Isa. 53:6, Isa 64:6
Sins Consequences  Rom. 6:23 – O.T. Isa. 59:2, Ezek. 18:20
God Sent His Son  Rom. 5:10 – O.T. Ps. 2:7, Ps. 2:12, Isa. 9:6,
(Does God have a Son?  See Prov. 30:4)
Necessity Of The Blood – Rom. 5:9 – O.T. Lev. 17:11
Saved By Faith – Rom. 10:8-10 – O.T. Joel 2:32
Using Isa. 53 is very helpful.  One way it can be used is as follows.  Read several (6 or 7) verses and stop.  Ask them if they know where you’re reading from.  Usually they say the N.T.  Then ask them who the verses are referring to.  Every answer has been Jesus.  Then show them Isa. 53, written over 700 years before Messiah Jesus was even born.   

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Peace With the Messiah

Jewish Romans Road

What can I do?

Pray for the salvation of Jewish people. Rom. 10:1,   Jer. 31:7,   Ps. 122:6
Pray for more workers.  Matt. 9:38
Be a Witness and share the Gospel with Jewish people.  Rom. 1:16-17
Give toward Jewish missionary work.  Rom. 15:25-27
Listen to our radio program in St. Louis heard on KSIV FM 91.5 Saturdays at 9:00 am
Pray for and invite one of our missionaries to your church to speak.

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