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New Covenant Prophecy Edition with Psalms

New Covenant with Psalms – Prophecy Edition NIV / Includes the list of Hebrew Scriptures (Tanakh) Prophecies of the Messiah Fulfilled in the New Covenant
Bible Prophecy Answer Book by Ron Rhodes$12.00
Strengthen your faith and find real hope for the future in this extensive resource that provides concise answers to your most burning questions about Bible prophecy and the end times.
What’s Next? by Charles H. Dyer

Charles Dyer, a Middle-East expert and officially licensed Israel tour guide, helps sort out the complexities of violence in the Middle East—the ancient hatreds and the current crises.

clip_image004Evangelistic Magazine 

Testimonies of Jewish believers with key articles to be given to unsaved Jewish people.
by Midwest Messianic Center
clip_image007The Rise of Babylon

Shows how the Bible teaches that the city of Babylon has a large part to play in future prophecy.
by Charles Dyer

clip_image012CASE FOR JESUS

Proof from Messianic prophecies that Jesus is the promised Messiah.
by John Ankerberg

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