601.        Not to keep alive any individual of the seven Canaanite nations (Deut. 20:16).

602.        To exterminate the seven Canaanite nations from the land of Israel (Deut. 20:17).

603.        Not to destroy fruit trees (wantonly or in warfare) (Deut. 20:19-20).

604.        To deal with a beautiful woman taken captive in war in the manner prescribed in the Torah (Deut. 21:10-14).

605.        Not to sell a beautiful woman, (taken captive in war) (Deut. 21:14).

606.        Not to degrade a beautiful woman (taken captive in war) to the condition of a bondwoman (Deut. 21:14).

607.        Not to offer peace to the Ammonites and the Moabites before waging war on them, as should be done to other nations (Deut. 23:7).

608.        That anyone who is unclean shall not enter the Camp of the Levites (Deut. 23:11).

609.        To have a place outside the camp for sanitary purposes (Deut. 23:13).

610.        To keep that place sanitary (Deut. 23:14-15).

611.        Always to remember what Amalek did (Deut. 25:17).

612.        That the evil done to us by Amalek shall not be forgotten (Deut. 25:19).

613.        To destroy the seed of Amalek (Deut. 25:19).