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Carol Dillard

I am a Scot-Irish Gentile who was born at the end of WW II, between VE Day, and VJ Day.  Both sides of my family are very unforgiving, and my parents were divorced when I was only 4.  My early life was scary but often exciting as I traveled from relative to relative, state to state, making 12 moves by the time I had entered 7th grade.  My Dad’s oldest brother and his wife, took the lion’s share of feeding and clothing me in my early school years.  I missed my Mom, Dad, and my sister, Anne, terribly, but my kind Uncle & Aunt and her daughter, were much comfort.  I see Divine Design in that.  The Lord instilled gratitude in me early on, since He took great care of me, using them to meet my every physical need, (though not Spiritual), even though I was culturally an “orphan.”  They only sent my cousin and me to Sunday school and church, rather than taking us.  As God would have it, though, those churches we attended were the best, doctrinally, being fundamental.

When I entered 4th grade, I appreciated another sweet father-figure in my life, my Dad’s step-father, Grandpa Boyd.  My Grandma & Grandpa Boyd took my sister & me to church, again fundamental ones, when I was in 5th & 6th grades.  It was exhilarating when I prayed to be saved at Vacation Bible School, between 4th & 5th grades, I believe it was.  Then, Grandpa Boyd got saved in a little independent Church in Benton Harbor, MI, that next year.  Grandma was grateful Grandpa was saved, but didn’t believe a child as young as I was could truly believe, so, although she had been saved at age 18,  she gave me no encouragement to stay in the Faith.

I can remember when I was 11, being interested in the Jewish people, both in the Bible and in the world in which I lived.

They found Grandpa Boyd had cancer, and he died calling for me when I was in 7th grade.

Anne & I  went to live with my Mom & Step-Dad, who at first sent us to church, then, later on, actually  took us.

For several years, I was extremely earthy,  and sinful, and lived like an unbeliever.  Still,  the Lord brought to my attention Jewish people, and Jewish issues, and sent Godly witnesses to me until I was 32.         

I was living with a boyfriend that year, and my best friend started to attend church.  Nadine & I were very close, so I went to church, too, “every time it opened its doors.”  She bought me a Living Bible that Christmas, and I set out to read the entire thing.  My boyfriend brought me a beautifully bound, huge, expensive, Book of Mormon.  But, when he was not there, I tore it up.  The Holy Bible came alive to me, and for several months, every time I heard an invitation to be saved, I prayed along with the preachers.  I was baptized when I was 33.

God’s gifts and calling are without repentance!  I give Glory to God!!!      Right away, I read Exodus, by Leon Uris.  I fell in love with the Jewish people, and longed for their Salvation.

Finally, at the first Sunday church service at the church where I now attend, I heard so I could understand it, the  Doctrine of when a person truly believes, they are permanently Saved.

God put me right to work in the ministry after I was baptized.  I traveled around with a young Pastor and a lovely old Prayer Warrior from home to home to Senior Center to Senior Center in a structured prayer ministry. 

I chauffeured an instructor of teachers for Child Evangelism Fellowship all over IL.  I worked for 8 years for New Life Evangelistic Center.  Then, finally, God gave me my heart’s desire, I have been with Midwest Messianic Center for over 15 years, helping in Jewish Evangelism.

I am always learning the Bible better and better, from a Jewish perspective, and finding that the sweetest work for me in His Kingdom is learning and teaching Doctrine.