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Israel: Past, Present, Future by David Larson

Past, Present and Future
A mountain of Biblical information that
pertains to God’s
special program for
the people of Israel
Taught By
Dr. David Larsen
Examples of some of the content of the tapes:
Why did the Jewish people loose their homeland and how did God providentially give it back to them?
What does the Bible have to say about the return of the Jewish people to their homeland?
Do the things which are going on presently in Israel have any Biblical significance?
Does Israel have a future in the plan of God, or have they been replaced by the church?
Dr. David Larsen is the author of several books and was a professor of practical theology and preaching at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School for over 25 years.

How To Witness To Your Jewish Friends
by Marty Zide

Witnessing Effectively To Your Jewish Friend
Containing Practical Tips and Techniques
For Witnessing To Your
Jewish Acquaintances
Taught By
Marty Zide
Contents of Seminar:
Tape One
A Jewish People Are In Need Of Salvation
A Brief Personal Testimony
A Major Stumbling Blocks That Jewish
   People Have When Challenged To Believe
   In Jesus
A Questions and Answers
Tape Two
A Using Proper Terminology
A Misconceptions That Jewish People Have
   About Jesus and The Bible
A Questions and Answers
Tape Three
A Using Messianic Prophecy
A Sharing The Gospel From The
   Old Testament
A Bonus Material: Why Did God Choose
   The Jewish People and Is He Through
   With Them?

Studies in Prophecy Video Collection

by Tim LaHaye & Thomas Ice

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